About GCO

The Gambia Christians Organization is a Gambian community of Christians residing in the United States of America with their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The association was created in 1993, established as a 501C3 (non-profit) organization and registered in the State of Georgia. It has grown in numbers over the years to over sixty members.

The GCO meets once a month for meetings. We also come together at major feast days to pray, celebrate and bond in fellowship, usually organized at a member’s house. Members strive to be more like Christ and encourage each other to offer ourselves selflessly to the fulfillment of our Mission. We do pay careful attention to participation in the Organization’s activities, attendance at meetings and payment of dues and contributions. These have kept the organization together to this day.

The GCO’s home Parish is the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Briarcliff Road, Atlanta, Georgia. The Organization celebrates the Feast Day of Our Lady of the Assumption annually. This feast is also the Feast our home Diocese, The Gambia, West Africa. The occasion is very significant in the history of the organization because it brings together all Gambians, both Christians and our Muslim brothers & sisters, from all over the United States as well as visitors from abroad. The occasion is weekend-long marked by a conference, worship in the Sacramental celebration of the Eucharist and festivities. The Organization has as its Chaplain Fr. Guyma Noel from whom we seek spiritual advice and counsel.

Following the traditions of Gambian Christianity, the GCO consists of a Choir that plays a vital role in bridging the gap between Church traditions and Gambian traditions. The Gambia is made up of less than 9% Christians with Islam as its dominant religion. Gambian Christians, however, do have the freedom to practice Christianity. All Gambian Christians are welcome to join the Organization. We also extend our warm welcome to any Christian that wishes to become part of us.